Owing to a wide range of agricultural potential in Kırşehir, our Faculty was founded in 1992 under Gazi University, then, had been belonged to Ahi Evran University which was established in 2006.   With the decision of the Faculty Administrative Board, the first department was Agricultural Biotechnology accepting students in 2009, followed by Field Crop Department in 2010, Horticulture Department in 2012, Animal Science Department in 2013 and, finally, Plant Protection Department in 2015. Apart from these departments, there are 4 departments which are Agricultural Economics, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Biosystems Engineering and Landscape Architecture, all established fully in 2012, supporting the departments owing BSc programs. Totally 12 classrooms and 4 laboratories are available for BSc programs. During the preparation of departmental curriculums, the current and future needs of the society all over the world have been taken into account and it aimed at bringing up high-skilled graduates who can meet the demands of the globalizing world.