Laboratory of Horticulture Department has been established projects supported by Ahi Evran Üniversity Research Funding and TUBİTAK. There are many projects carriying and completed in our laboratory. Morphological characterization, molecular characterization and harvesting pomological analysis have been carrried out in horticulture (fruit growing, olericulture, ornamental plants, viticulture) by using laboratory conditions. In the laboratory; there are cell shredder, color meter, climate data recorders, handheld pH meter, autoclaves, incubators, precision scales, digital refractometer, heated magnetic stirrer, mill, digital Buret, pure water equipment, microwave ovens, horizontal electrophoresis unit, centrifuge, vortex, DT 8809 light intensity recorder datalogger, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity recorder, a +4 and -18 0C refrigerator.


Manager of Laboratory:  Dr. Funda ATİLA