The tools and devices used in irrigation scheduling on the basis of the monitoring of the soil are located in the Laboratory of Irrigation. These tools and devices are gravimetric soil water content as the sampling methods used in the measurement sequence, tensiometer and watermark. The determination of soil bulk density which one of the physical properties in irrigation applications is made with the cylinder method in the laboratory. In addition, analysis of the irrigation water quality parameters desktop pH meter and electrical conductivity (EC) are also measuring instruments. There are claveng of distillation device for volatile oil determination.



There are tools and equipment related to field measurements in the Laboratory Surveying. The finding of the intermediate point of the points in the field, perpendicular to the stroke Jalonen used in the extension process and leave the prism used in other processes, a steel compas, tape meter used to measure the length, and counting the bars is located in this laboratory. In addition, there are point leveling, surface leveling, level and theodolite tool to be used in the extraction and processing of cross-leveling longitudinal leveling profile in this laboratory.



Manager of laboratory: Assist.Prof.Dr. Sultan KIYMAZ