The history of the Department of Agricultural Economics has begun during the first years of Republic of Turkey, with the foundation of Higher Institution of Agriculture at 1933. There has been participated many scientists from Nebraska, United States to develop the department. Nowadays, nearly 20 Department of Agricultural Economics located in government related universities 17 of those are active on education. Graduates have agricultural engineer title which provides job opportunities in a wide spectrum. Therefore, Department of Agricultural Economics has high preference rate among the other departments.

Department of Agricultural Economics is dedicated to be integrated evolving conditions of the world by self-updating approach. Therefore, it has effective profile on national agricultural politics, productivity on social issues and interaction with stakeholders. Interdisciplinary - multidisciplinary structure of the department pans out to create utilitarian human resources to all sectors including academic environment.

Department of Agricultural Economics has two disciplines:

  • ·         Agricultural Politics and Broadcasting
  • ·         Agricultural Management

The field of studies:

  • ·         Increase of effectiveness and productivity in corporations
  • ·         Providing optimizations of corporations
  • ·         Appraisal of valuation in agriculture
  • ·         Quantitative economic and econometric modeling of sectorial aspects
  • ·         Integrating of agricultural economics studies with technological developments
  • ·         Creating projections through agricultural statistics and data processing
  • ·         Development of politics at national and international level
  • ·         Development of production systems on the ecological economy perspective
  • ·         Agricultural marketing studies
  • ·         Organizational studies and guidance for farmers
  • ·         Development of strategies against risks and uncertainties
  • ·         Studies on profit maximization and costs in agricultural enterprises
  • ·         Studies on supply – demand relations of agricultural products
  • ·         To contribute to the competitive conditions of the country within the framework of the rural development objectives
  • ·         Guidance for the governmental managers