The Animal Science Department is composed of three sections which are Animal Husbandry and Breeding, Feeds and Animal Nutrition and Biometry and Genetics sections. The basic aim of the department is to conduct undergraduate and graduate education of the students. Meanwhile determination of morphological and physiological traits of farm animals, hereditary and environmental factors effective on animal production and products, feed quality studies, principles of animal nutrition, breeding principles to increase the yields and improve the quality of animal products are among the interests of Department of Animal Science. Besides educational activities the other purposes of the department is to plan and conduct basic scientific researches and research-implementation projects that are aiming to solve national as well as regional animal husbandry, breeding, animal nutrition and livestock production problems. In relation with the aims mentioned above the following farm animals are being raised at the department; sheep, poultry (layers and broiler) dairy goat and quail. Meanwhile basic feed analysis, determination of values of animal feeds by nylon bag method, invitro gas production and enzyme techniques are being carried out in studendent practices.

Also, shelters for sheep and goat, and poultry units are available for students and researchers.

After 4 year full time education, the graduates, agriculture engineers (zootehnicians), will work in enterprises and research units in Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Production, feed mills, in animal industry and city centres.